Living with Less

I live in a house. This means I’ve got a number of projects that I’m either doing or contemplating doing at a given time. The basement is “the” big project at this time and will give me a dedicated space for my hobbies, computer work and books. Currently it’s an old basement with a uneven floor, crumbly outer walls, poor lighting and no outlets. Pretty typical for homes like this. Continue reading Living with Less

Project “Mug”

Purpose: Four weeks of avoiding disposable cups and documenting my observations and issues of never using a disposable cup.

Prediction: It will be simple at home and at work, but I may not have it with me during all the times I may need it. While everybody’s mileage may vary the overall consensus would be for using our own mug while at the coffee shop or gas station. What about fast food places? Coffee shops may have mugs for use if you are staying there to drink your drink, but may not advertise it. If they don’t perhaps we can ask why they don’t. Continue reading Project “Mug”

Instant Gratification and the Problem Therein

I grew up with fewer resources available to me than I have today. Eating out was something that happened once a month. Over the course of years I had amassed a collection of perhaps two dozen books. I was able to get a Nintendo for Christmas years after all of my friends had one and I rented the majority of the games I played. I had bartered for a Huffy BMX bicycle from a friend who had received a newer model. I didn’t have my own computer and used the family Commodore-64 to learn some programming, play games and print some sweet banners with the dot matrix printer. I didn’t have an allowance and relied on change found in couches, selling golf balls found in the creek, skipped school lunches, and the occasional task some adult needed done that would provide a few bucks. Continue reading Instant Gratification and the Problem Therein

Just in Case

I’ve been cleaning through some stuff in my apartment. Things I’ve collected over the years that at some point held a level of greater or lesser importance in my life. They have stayed around because I still consider them valuable or because it was convenient to store them. As I sort through these items from my life I find myself with conflicting emotions. On one hand I have this feeling of wanting and needing to get an object out of my life to reduce clutter and promote efficiency. On the other hand I have strong tie to the memories and feeling a belonging might recall. Continue reading Just in Case

Welcome to Art of Assemblage

Welcome to our space on the web. Art of Assemblage is a site focused on the purchases in our lives and how we value them. The modern culture of today often focuses on immediate gratification and short product life spans. Investment in quality belongings that last can be seen as old fashion, elitist, or the realm of the wealthy.

We are just getting started here and hope to have tons of great content in the coming weeks. Come back often or subscribe to our RSS feed!